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Are you up to date on the current tech trends? I try to stay in the loop being that I am nearing forty and I don’t want to fall into the dark ages (for example, I still prefer to email than communicate through FB messenger!) Here’s a few trends for you to know about.
2016 was The Year of Video: Last year, more than ever, families were streaming cartoons and movies, pulling the plug on their cable subscriptions. College students are staying updated with some college lectures being streamed. A big change in 2016 with video was the switch from watching video to your average joe making videos. Gaming has been the biggest video change of the year—more and more people are sharing and streaming these games. I still don’t get how it is fun to watch a video of someone else PLAY a video game but that is simply my dark age opinion.

Students studying to become classroom teachers are also using more and more video. Candidates will use videos to prepare for interviews as well as to self-reflect on their skills in classroom management and teacher-peer interactions.

There is an increase in schools purchasing makerspace areas for their classrooms, libraries and common areas. Some of these makerspace areas may have technology aspects or materials to encourage creativity while supporting the curriculum.

Find out more about makerspace areas for schools here.

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