Hot Topics in Parenting-Kids and Chores -

The debate over whether or not children should have chores has been around for ages. It comes down to two schools of thought.

First, giving children chores teaches them important life skills like budgeting, money management, learning about contributing to charity, saving and spending money. Chores also gives children the chance to learn about using their hard earned cash to purchase something that is quality instead of something in quantity.

The only arguing factors I could find on the other hand were parents not wanting their children to have chores because then in the end, they won’t help around the house without wanting to get paid. I personally think you can teach children that yes, there are chores and then there are contributions you have to make to the household simply because you are a member of the family.

My parents gave us chores and I also had a job early on in my life and began saving money to pay my dad back for the loan he gave me to purchase my first car. The feeling I had for buying my own car was priceless. I earned every bit of that purchase by selling fried chicken at the local Lee’s Famous Recipe. I don’t think chores can do ANY harm to our children!

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