Hot Topics in Education-The Homework Debate -

There are always a difference of opinions and this one dates back to when I was a kid (a very long time ago 🙂 ) Should children have homework and if so, how much? There is an old “10 minute rule” that states 10 minutes a day for every grade level (10 for first, 20 minutes for second and so on.)

Schools across the country are beginning to adopt the no-homework policy, asking that instead of homework, children eat dinner with their families, play with friends outside and go to bed early. It’s causing parents to cheer in agreement or go to the school board about changing it.

Research says there is a positive correlation between student achievement and homework. The results proved stronger for grades 7-12. Homework can improve study habits and problem solving while on the flip side it can cause physical and emotional stress and fatigue (Cooper, 2016 study from Duke University)

Studies say it was the launch of Sputnik in 1957 that led to a boost in homework due to the pressure of competing with others around the globe.

Too much, too little. I know what I have been reading over and over again, that our kids are currently the most medicated for anxiety and depression. Why? What can we do as a society to help our children? What can you do in your own home? That’s really the question we need to ask ourselves. What can WE do CURRENTLY in our home and in our school?

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