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How do we measure success with our children? In the book, Unselfie by Michelle Borba, a study found that when asked, a VERY high percentage of students reported their parents found it was more important for them to score high on tests than the importance of them being kind to others or being a good hearted individual. What? That is scary stuff people? I am not here to tell you how you should measure success in your family but do grades mean everything? Being in the position I am, having graduated with both a bachelors and masters degree in school and then leaving the stable career I set out to do—I can tell you that grades aren’t everything. Did I learn valuable information attending college? Absolutely, but it’s the grit and determination that my parents instilled in me, the work ethic I have that has gotten me in this position as a successful entrepreneur. Our world doesn’t need a bunch of straight A students—-totally my opinion based on all of the research I’ve read over the last few years. Our world needs individuals who are kind and generous and ready to help shape our nation into one that is united.

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