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Have you heard of the term Personalized Learning Plan yet? It’s educational jargon that is showing up more and more in schools across the country. It’s when the student is involved in setting goals for themselves for their classroom learning. Often times parents will have a say in these goals as well as the teachers. These plans focus on the student and their specific interest. It also focuses on their learning abilities and allows them to grow and bloom when they are ready. Part of the personalized learning plan is not just defining goals but what does the student plan to do in order to reach those goals. These personalized plans are student driven and really require the child to explore their likes and dislikes while at the same time making connections to the state standards. We are seeing more of these plans with middle and high school students. A learning plan encourages students to discover how they learn while at the same time building on their communication skills and collaboration efforts with other classmates.

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