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Here’s what I want to say about this topic. Every family chooses their own schedule and the choice is the parents. I don’t think there is a right or a wrong. However, I would like parents to stop complaining about their annoying busy schedules when they have a hand in how the schedule became so chaotic. Yes, I am being bold here and saying that if you don’t want to be driving kids around to activities for hours on end every week, then don’t. Limit the activities your children are involved in to one or none. I read a book a few years ago called The Power of a Positive Mom.

The book gave a number of examples of Olympic athletes who did not even begin competing in their sport until high school. I know I am a better parent when I am not over scheduled and I know I want to be with my kids those two to three precious hours a day when I get to see them after school rather than sitting in a smelly indoor soccer stadium waiting with my two other children who are running around like they should be. Read this great article if you think I am being harsh and see that I am not alone in my opinion. Consider letting something go and give up the race to be busy.

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