Hot Topics in Parenting-Entitlement -

There is a fear in today’s society that we are raising kids who feel entitled and that the old admired traits like hard working and humble human beings are going to become extinct. Here are a few things we can do ask parents to be sure we are raising kids who are full of positive character such as grit and gratitude.

  • Give your children the chance to be responsible such as giving them chores or teaching them delayed gratification so that they are not getting every single thing they want. Instead, it may take them months to save up for that shop kin stuffed animal.
  • Practice saying No. Healthy boundaries are for life training! We don’t hear YES all day in the real world so why raise children who only hear yes?
  • Allow failure. Teach your children that mistakes are okay and that we can learn valuable lessons from them.
  • Practice gratitude. Model this as a family and your children will start to practice it too.
  • Slow down with the selfies that encourage self involvement.

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