We were so lucky to have the chance to review a new line of essential oils by Aroma Foundry. Here’s a little about the company before I share our family’s review.

About the Company: Aroma Foundry is a Santa Barbara, California company founded by a team of individuals passionate about nature, with a goal to create quality All Natural products that let Mother Earth show off what she can do. We put the customer first, and rest assured we use all of our products ourselves before we offer them to the public.

A quality you can trust: At Aroma Foundry, we take the adage“My Body is My Temple” seriously. As consumers of essential oils ourselves for many years, we were concerned by a few trends in the industry. We’ve put together a collection of oils with quality, purity, transparency, and consistency you can trust.

No synthetic additives: You’ll never find synthetic additives in Aroma Foundry essential oils;
all of our essential oils are 100% Pure and All-Natural. Potent stuff.
Our review: The packaging was fantastic as well as the branding of their boxes and bottles. The items came well packed which is super important for shipping oils across the country. Well done! The scent of the oils were amazing, clean and pure. Our family of five has been using oils for a few years now and we know the importance of the glass of the bottles. Aroma Foundry did a great job on using the dark blue/violet colored bottles which keep the oils from being damaged from the light. Our only complaint is that the drops came out either too slow or way too fast. The speed was not consistent in the several bottles we tested. I think it’s important they come out slower so that you are not wasting the precious scents. We are looking forward to seeing their line of oils grow to order more. Did you see that they have a $5 FLAT shipping rate? That’s amazing!!!