I got caught on the essential oil trend about two years ago. We use them in many ways and truly believe they help our family remain healthy.

Here are a few ways we use them:

  • diffuse them in the
    • kitchen
    • master bedroom
    • bathroom connecting our girls rooms
  • rub them on our feet before bed using a roller bottle
  • rub them on our neck, wrists and lower back using a roller bottle or lotion
  • use them as lotion in those sensory spots mentioned above

I started out using Young Living Oils but then I’ve also purchased some Doterra. Recently on a trip to Whole Foods, I’ve purchased a few replacements out of the ease of not having to pay shipping to my YL rep!

When making blends, I also use a carrier oil which is either a liquid coconut oil, jojoba oil or EO Everyone non-scented lotion. I then follow recipes on Pinterest to make up certain blends. I use these amazing bottles from Infinity Jars because they have a unique violet glass. The pigmented glass blocks out harmful visible light rays. They are durable and have been working very nicely for a few weeks now!

A few weeks ago, I created a daily facial serum using jojoba oil as the carrier oil, frankensence (20 drops) tea tree (10 drops) and lavender (10 drops) essential oils. We usually love glass roller bottles to use on our feet but this glass push pump bottle is great for getting a small amount to use in the morning and before bed on my face (I mix a few drops in with my night cream).

Disclaimer: these opinions are my own but the jars were given to me to review.