Two of my bffs and I are always talking about the latest books we are reading. Many moons ago, they were in a book club that met regularly. I tried to keep up but it was so hard for me! Now I am making time for reading and have found so much peace and relaxation in it. One of those friends suggested we come up with our very own list like the ones you see on Pinterest about books to read this year. We are looking at it as a way to challenge ourselves as readers and to choose books we may not always think to choose.

The goal is to read eight out of twelve of the choices. We haven’t decided whether or not we will all three read the SAME BOOKS or not. We are playing around with the idea to read four of the eight together (meaning the same titles but not actually reading them side by side) so that we can meet and discuss them like a traditional book club.

Just putting the list together was really exciting. The girls are coming over tomorrow and we will make the final decisions on how we will do this. But for now? I’ve called this the #realmomsbookclub Search the hashtag on Instagram this year to see what we are reading. Tag your own photos of books you are reading and join the challenge!!!! Use the hashtag #realmomsbookclub