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About the Book-The Crayon Box That Talked by Shane DeRolf

Yellow hates Red, so does Green, and no one likes Orange! Can these crayons quit arguing and learn to cooperate? Shane DeRolf’s deceptively simple poem celebrates the creation of harmony through diversity. In combination with Michael Letzig’s vibrant illustrations, young readers will understand that when we all work together, the results are much more colorful and interesting.

Amazon: www.amazon.com/Shane-DeRolf

What this book teaches-Acceptance

My review of the book:

I like this story. It’s about crayons that have to learn to get along, in a box together. I used this book as a teacher, quite often. It teaches diversity – the fact that we’re not all the same on the outside. It talks about acceptance – being able to be with other people and work together even though you may be different. So this is a really nice story to talk about classroom community and being a classroom family. This book also talks about respect – respecting each other’s differences.

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