Award-winning author Miriam Laundry has a new book that was just released! Find out more about the amazing message in this book below!

For almost two years, Miriam and I were accountability partners. We spoke once a month about our work as children’s authors, made goals and checked in with each other once a week on how things were going. Over the course of those calls and emails, we developed a friendship with so many things in common: our love for our families, for the important work we do and a love of opening up our homes and entertaining!

Needless to say, I am beyond excited about the release of Miriam’s newest book, I CAN Be Me. The message is clear, powerful and much needed in our society today. Read below to find out more about this new book, a perfect holiday gift idea! 

Author Maria Dismondy with I CAN Be Me Author Miriam Laundry -

I CAN Be Me by Author Miriam Laundry -

About the book:

Maria just wants to be the same as everyone else. But, no! Coming from a different country, she looks different and eats different foods with different names, like pupusas (which Alex has fun pronouncing: Poo-POO-sa).

Embarrassed, Maria withdraws from her friends and struggles to even focus on her big assignment which is due in one week! All she can focus on is how different she is from everyone else. Yet, as the story unfolds, Maria discovers that she and all her classmates ARE the same in one surprising way: they are all uniquely different!

Miriam Laundry, Author of I CAN Be Me -

About the Author:

Miriam Laundry is a Canadian author and speaker with a goal of empowering children to believe in themselves and to know they CAN! Bestselling author and mother of four, Miriam writes books that inspire and empower children to make choices that promote confidence, happiness and responsibility. Miriam set a Guinness World Record in 2014 with her first book in the I CAN series, I CAN Believe win Myself.

My review of the book:

In a world where there is so much diversity, it is important for children to celebrate the qualities that make them different and unique. I CAN Be Me, by award-winning author Miriam Laundry, illustrates through a timeless story, that being different isn’t bad! It’s what makes the world such a special place! Not only does the book teach us about our differences, but characters learn about the power of our words. The lessons in this new book are valuable and I am excited to for it to be in the homes of children far and wide.

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