#TakingCareThurs-A Castle on Viola Street #books2read

About the Book-A Castle on Viola Street by Dyanne DiSalvo

Andy is so used to his family’s small, run-down apartment that he has never imagined living anywhere else–especially not in a new house with a garden and a porch. Such houses seem like castles to him.

But when he hears about an organization that turns abandoned houses into homes, he discovers that his castle isn’t in the clouds–it’s on Viola Street. And with some hard work and community caring, it could be his very own.

Website: dyannedisalvo.com

What this book teaches-Community Service

My review of the book:

This is a story about a family who rented an apartment and lived in a very, very small place. They struggled and didn’t always have enough food to eat. Making the payments wasn’t always easy on their parents. They children slept all in one bedroom. It’s a really nice story to read to families who are in an average, middle-class setting. To see that not everyone lives in a home and not everyone has bedrooms all to themselves. Oftentimes families live in different settings. This family lives in a city and the illustrations are really beautiful. You can see apartment buildings and tall skyscrapers. At the end of the story you see the family working towards getting into a house and the community comes together to help them. They saved up their money. The community comes together to paint the home and fix things up and they have a large celebration at the end of the story.

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