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What is the Growth Mindset?

If this is your first time here, welcome! This is a 12-week series to help parents and teachers discover hidden gems across the internet that will help them teach Growth Mindset to the children in their lives.

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What is it? Fixed versus Growth Mindset

A fixed mindset means a child believes his or her intelligence is set and that there’s no changing it. With a growth mindset, a child believes persistence and hard work lead to success.

How can you help?

**Allow children to make mistakes

**Praise them on the process (work) instead of the end result (grade)

** Teach them that mistakes and failures will help them learn and grow

**Help your child change their inner dialogue:

Instead of “I can’t do this,” teach them to say, “ I can’t do this yet.”

  • Instead of “I’m not smart,” try “ I will learn to do this!”
  • Instead of “That didn’t work!” tell them to say “There’s always Plan B!”
  • Instead of “I give up!” have them practice saying, “I’ll try it a different way!”
  • Instead of “This is too hard!” have them say “This may take some time.”

**Be mindful of areas that can promote a Fixed Mindset (undesirable mindset)

**Pay attention to: what children are

  • Watching (television, youtube, etc.)
  • What children listen to (music)
  • What they are reading (books)

Use for reviews and recommendations for children’s media and technology

You Be You by Linda Kranz -

You Be You by Linda Kranz

A companion book to the bestselling Only One You, Kranz once again uses her famous “rockfish” to express the themes of diversity, individuality, and acceptance to children. When Adri sets out to explore the ocean, he has no idea how colorful the world is. He quickly discovers that there are all kinds of fish in the deep blue sea—big and tiny, smooth and spiny, colorful and plain, different and the same. Join Adri as he travels the ever changing currents of the ocean and see if you can find your favorite rockfish among the waves!

How this book teaches Growth Mindset:

This is a beautifully illustrated book. It is all about how each of us is very unique and how we should appreciate our uniqueness. Instead of following the crowd and trying to be like everyone else, being unique can help us to do different things. How does this teach growth mindset? It teaches that if you want to do something different, you can go to people in your life and ask them to help mentor you. One part of growth mindset is being able to use resources if you can’t figure something out. This book really shows you that if you appreciate everyone’s uniqueness, you can then use others to help you to do things in your life. This book also teaches that life is what you make it – a truly beautiful book.

A video to teach Growth Mindset:

Lesson on teaching Growth Mindset:

Growth Mindset in Math – dispel many utterances of fear and hopelessness popping up in the classroom about Math

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