I am thrilled that a company we are fond of has released a few new products geared toward children!

We were first introduced to Boogie Board last year from a friend of mine. She raved about their basic eWriter called the Jot 8.5.

My children each received one as holiday gifts and continue to use them in several different ways: as an order form for playing restaurant, writing notes to each other in the car, doodling out at restaurants, and more!

We had the opportunity to review THREE new products for kids. Here there are…

  1. The Play n’ Trace: The Boogie Board Play n’ Trace takes doodling to whole new level with its translucent LCD writing surface. With a form factor similar to an artist’s palette, Play n’ Trace is comfortable to hold for hands of all sizes. Trace two and three dimensional objects for hours of creative fun using the included templates or download the free activity center mobile app for tablets to access structured learning exercises, games and drawing templates. Stylus and batteries included.

Our Review: Out of the three products we are discussing today, this was BEST for my two year old. The size was bigger and made it easier for his little hands to manipulate and create.

2. The Scribble n’ Play: Boogie Board scribble N’ play allows kids to express their creativity and provides them a tool to learn and develop Communication skills. Scribble N’ play motivates kids to develop writing skills, combine elements or draw whatever their imaginations desire. When kids write, they learn. From fine motor skills to refining letters, scribble N’ play’s unique design encourages kids to learn, play and create. Use at home or on the go. Write, doodle, draw and start over with the push of a button.

Our Review: The kids LOVED the colors on this board along with the different options for tools to use for creating. The kids have been fighting over this one, so right there, it’s earned a positive review from the Dismondy Crew!

3. The Jot 4.5 eWriter with Flashcards:  Jot 4.5 eWriter featuring Clearview uses our patented translucent LCD screen that allows kids to practice writing, drawing or even math without wasting paper. The write and erase system works perfect for repetitive tracing and memorizing math problems – truly reinventing flashcards. The small shape is perfect for use at home, at school or in the car making anywhere a great place for kids to learn and draw.

Our Review: This product is smaller in size which is great for sticking in a child’s backpack. My daughter likes to use it on the school bus! It also comes with flashcards. Our middle child who is learning to write words now, likes to practice her handwriting with this product. We especially liked that the protectant cover also doubles as a flashcard holder! Genius!