Today I want to talk about 5 back-to-school traditions that you can start with your family.

#1 – A mom-and-me date. I spoke about this briefly in my first video on this back-to-school series. You can turn your back-to-school shopping into a date with your child and include a meal out. Or you can do a special date without the school shopping, if you have a child who does not enjoy shopping!

#2 – A back-to-school breakfast/lunch/dinner. Maybe on the first day of school you can treat your child to a special meal to celebrate the day. Think of a meal they would enjoy and would make them feel special.

Also, check out the Red Plate Tradition. You can Google this or look on Amazon. It’s basically taking a special plate and passing it around to different members of your family on days that are special to them (birthdays, first day of school, etc.) or when they do something that you want to celebrate (they helped someone – showed kindness).

#3 – Family movie night. After the first week of school ends, you can all choose a special movie to watch together (include some popcorn and treats!) and celebrate the week!

#4 – First day photo. I’m sure you’ve seen these all over Facebook – you can print these off or hand-write them. Have your child hold a sign that states “First day of Kindergarten” and then continue that tradition every year. It’s really neat to see the progression every year!

#5 – All about me interview. Ask your child 10 questions about them. For example – what is their favorite food, color, food, book, song, etc. Write it all down, date it and maybe place it in a family capsule to enjoy for years to come.

There you have it – 5 great family traditions that you can repeat for years to come!