Today we’re going to talk about 3 tips on packing an out-of-this-world lunch!

#1 – Have the right supplies. We love to use reusable products, such as tin cans (protects your sandwiches from being squished!) and reusable zip-lock bags. These bags are found on Etsy, are made out of cloth and have a nice liner that you can rinse easily!

#2 – Lunchbox notes. There are free lunchbox notes (or jokes!) on Pinterest that you can download. This is something small, but very memorable, that you can place in their lunchbox that will remind them that you are always thinking about them. This is also great for their literacy skills, as they are reading and comprehending in the middle of their day!

#3 – Make a list of healthy choices that your child enjoys. Work with your child by reviewing the food chart and asking them what fruits, veggies, sandwiches, soups leftovers, and non-sandwiches they would like to see in their lunch. Make a list ,ensuring there is a variety of dairy, protein, fruits and vegetables, and keep it in an easily accessible place (such as the refrigerator). If you’re ever in a rut, making the same lunch over and over, you can refer to the list and implement some variety that you know your child will enjoy!

There you have it – 3 tips on making an out-of-this world school lunch!