Summer Fun Series-2

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I love summer. I think being a teacher straight out of college then becoming self employed has made me a fan of the season since I’ve always had time off to enjoy it. I strive for balance with allowing my children to try new things in the summer months, to become bored (I think it’s healthy) and to have time to just p-l-a-y and c-r-e-a-t-e.

I am documenting our summer bucket list here. I started out the season by sharing how I plan for summer adventures in my video series. Then I spent time using pinterest and the lovely internet to plan out a variety of things to do. We never stick to a strict plan but if there’s a rainy day, you better believe I have an indoor backup activity versus too much screen time!

So let this series be an inspiration to you to live big and enjoy
the summer months with your loved ones!



Barbie Mania & a Meet-Up: Thank goodness for a friend of mine who watched my kiddos for a few hours. I was able to drive to East Lansing while our kids played Barbies for a Michigan Blogger Meet-Up. It’s so important to connect with people in person. As much as I am a fan of social media, the in-person connections and networks count too!

Fireman Pat: Thank you Fireman Pat for spending time with my two year old and I as we biked past your station, admiring your trucks. You showed my little guy around and gave him some special prizes. We thank your team for everything you do!

Go for the Gold: We are LOVING watching the Summer Olympics. So much that my girls went to a 1/2 day gymnastics workshop. Team USA inspired my girls to get in the gym and tumble!

Imagine a Brighter Future: I teach Sunday School at our church a few Sundays a month. We are looking for new members to our volunteer team for the fall. If you are local in Detroit, check out Oakpointe Church!

Fox News: Thank you Detroit Fox News for having me on last week talking about Growth Mindset and sharing some back-to-school snacks to fuel the brain. Your staff was super kind and generous and I appreciate having the chance to share important information about child development with your viewers.

More Summer Parties: We had our last swim party. I enjoy getting friends and their children together in the summer months. This time around, I couldn’t find a party favor so I asked my friend who owns Burlap and Pearls Photography, who was also coming to the party, to take pictures of each mom and her crew. They turned out so great! It’s beautiful to see mamas with their little ones.

Pinterest Fails-New Program: I finished creating my school programs for the fall on Growth Mindset. I had fun gathering photos of my pinterest fails to share with students. To show kids that even adults make mistakes and are not perfect! Mistakes help us to GROW!

Mr. Boots: In the summer, our neighbor’s daughter visits for anywhere from 2 weeks to a month. She brings her dog Mr. Boots and the girls take him on daily walks. It’s nice to have a little furry friend to help take care of for a few weeks, you know, learn some responsibility. We are not ready for a dog to join our crew (I don’t think we ever will be!)

Jelly Donuts, A Polish Tradition: See that picture of me as a kid as a polish dancer? It will appear in my new book, scheduled to be out in the Spring of 2017. The book features Pączkis, traditional jelly donuts. I can’t tell you anymore at this point! Stay tuned…