Today we’re going to talk about 10 quick tips for Back-to-School shopping;

#1 – Make it special. If you can, shop for one child at a time and make it a date for you and that child. This will not only help you and your sanity level, but also create memories with your child.

#2 – Discuss the wants vs. needs before the school supply shopping adventure. Have a plan before going shopping and discuss with your child(ren). Will they be allowed one “want” item that isn’t on the school supply list? Be sure you’re all on the same page before shopping and it will help the adventure go a lot smoother.

#3 – Try to stick to the list.  A lot of teachers keep community supplies, so if you aren’t sticking to the list you’ve been given (and you bring in Spiderman pencils, for example, when the other children have brought in the requested pencils), then that might cause a problem.

#4 – Please know that quality does make a difference. For example, a backpack from L.L. Bean and Jansport may be a little more expensive, but they do last a lot longer than the less expensive brands. Which brings us to;

#5 – Try to not get all your supplies from the Dollar Store. Staplers and scissors do not hold up from the dollar stores. Their markers also tend to dry out a little faster, BUT their glue sticks are WONDERFUL!

#6 – Price adjustments. If you bought something and then you notice, a few weeks later, there’s a sale on that item(s), most stores will give you a 14 day period where they will honor the price adjustment and refund you the difference.

#7 – Check your supplies from last year. Maybe you have some extra supplies from last year that could be used this year. Check these before you go shopping to save some extra money.

#8 – Sign up for programs that help give money back to your schools. Be tuned to the emails coming from your school’s PTA and sign up for those programs as they help the school’s PTA and fundraising.

#9 – Host a back-to-school swap. Have some friends over (with their children). Swap between friends and family with school supplies, books, and even clothes. This will help save some money and you’ll be able to enjoy some time together as well!

#10 – Go on Pinterest. Look up some pictures, on Pinterest, with your children. Look for items that you had (lunchboxes, toys, etc) when you were in school to show them how different it was back in your day.

There you have it – 10 tips for back to school shopping!