Summer Fun Series-2

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I love summer. I think being a teacher straight out of college then becoming self employed has made me a fan of the season since I’ve always had time off to enjoy it. I strive for balance with allowing my children to try new things in the summer months, to become bored (I think it’s healthy) and to have time to just p-l-a-y and c-r-e-a-t-e.

I am documenting our summer bucket list here. I started out the season by sharing how I plan for summer adventures in my video series. Then I spent time using pinterest and the lovely internet to plan out a variety of things to do. We never stick to a strict plan but if there’s a rainy day, you better believe I have an indoor backup activity versus too much screen time!

So let this series be an inspiration to you to live big and enjoy
the summer months with your loved ones!


Baking with Kids: It’s been so hot here in Michigan (but I refuse to complain!) that we try to balance our outdoor time with time to cool down inside. One way is by baking! Here the kids are helping me make watermelon cupcakes.

The Beach: We biked to the beach last week! Somehow, our beach blanket fell out of the bike trailer and that was sad. But the beach and heat delivered some fun times!

Lemonade Stand (Annual Tradition): Each year we team up with neighborhood kids to host a lemonade stand. We’ve done it for three or four years now. We divide the money up between the kids for their work efforts (it’s such a great opportunity to teach math) and we also take proceeds to donate to charity. This year we donated to Project Night Night. 

Time for Play: The clean freak inside of me has to hold back with all of the messes around playtime in our house. However, the mama in me loves to see Barbie towns set up for days and ALL THREE of my kids playing Barbies together! Be sure to make time for kids to be BORED and to CREATE, IMAGINE and PLAY this summer.

Ladies Night-Sunset Cruise: I am not a huge fan of driving our boat but I try to take it out once a summer with friends. This summer I invited all the ladies in the neighborhood for a sunset cruise!

Outdoor Concert: Michigan knows how to put on an outdoor concert. Dave Matthews Band at DTE Music Theater was an awesome date night!

Doctor’s Appointments: Summer isn’t always fun and games around here. A few of us got a summer cold and our little man had his 2 1/2 year appointment. I turned my head to talk to the doctor for just seconds when little man swiped an extra pair of his undies from my purse and put them on his head. #sillykid

Naps: I am a firm believer in rest time for EVERYONE in the family. Last week I admitted to laying my head down a few times this summer. I try and give the kids nap/quiet time each afternoon we are home. It gives their brains a break, allows for me to have some time to work and prep dinner and it’s just all around great for us all. We don’t miss out on a fun time to hurry home for a nap though. I’m not that crazy about it.

Christmas in July: We listened to holiday tunes and make two different types of ornaments last week. Why? Why not! It was raining and a perfect way to spend the afternoon. We will tuck them away and give them away with our holiday gifts in December. We made cute snowmen and Christmas trees.

Storytime: Another way to break up the day with a fun activity and get away from some of the hot summer sun is to go to the library! We showed up just in time for a beach themed story time!

Old School Fun: We went to a graduation party last weekend and we were enjoying watching the kids entertain themselves with a sprinkler for hours! We haven’t busted out our automatic bubble maker yet but that’s another fun “old school” activity to get out in the summer!