Summer Fun Series-2


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I love summer. I think being a teacher straight out of college then becoming self employed has made me a fan of the season since I’ve always had time off to enjoy it. I strive for balance with allowing my children to try new things in the summer months, to become bored (I think it’s healthy) and to have time to just p-l-a-y and c-r-e-a-t-e.

I am documenting our summer bucket list here. I started out the season by sharing how I plan for summer adventures in my video series. Then I spent time using pinterest and the lovely internet to plan out a variety of things to do. We never stick to a strict plan but if there’s a rainy day, you better believe I have an indoor backup activity versus too much screen time!

So let this series be an inspiration to you to live big and enjoy
the summer months with your loved ones!


Swimming: We were invited to a friends pool and it was a super hot day. The water was so refreshing!

A Park a Week: We try and make it to a new park each week to play at (thumbs up for FREE fun!)

Tea Party: This is a tradition my BFF and I have done with our girls for SIX years now! The kids make a craft, have lunch, pretend tea and cookies. It’s fun for them to dress up with mom’s fancy jewels too!

Homemade Pizzas: Papa was gone every night this last week putting wood floors in for a family member (we love his kindness) so we made some easy peasy dinners like “make-your-own-pizza)

One-on-One Time With Our Boy: There were a few chances this week that it was just our little two-year-old and I. I asked him what he wanted to do. Ice cream and a trip to the fire station? Sure! He sat there and stared at the ladder and engine trucks.

Tie Dying: This was an all morning craft that the girls and I got really into. We made socks (of all sizes) for family members. We are going to wrap them up and gift them at the holidays. We purchased this kit on Amazon, it came with everything you need!

Tiger’s Game: Date night in downtown Detroit for a Tiger’s Game. There are fireworks after the game. We are feeling spoiled because we have not one, not two but three date nights this month!

Downtown Detroit Fun: To celebrate my sister’s up-coming wedding, a bunch of girls went downtown and rode a 16 seater bike! It took us on a tour of downtown and then we headed to a dinner at an amazing restaurant called Townhouse.

Community Outreach: We decorated cookies at our Tea Party, made thank you cards then dropped them off to local fire fighters. We look for ways each week to spread love and kindness.

Time with Family: We are constantly entertaining in the summer. I think certain people are just born entertainers! All (four) of my parents showed generosity in this way as I was growing up. It makes for a large grocery bill and endless cleaning up but the memories and time with friends and family is well worth it!

Mama Crashed: This is the type of picture I share on my Instagram account. The REAL deal! This is what I wrote: Thought I would share this hilarious picture my daughter took of me while they had tv time on Friday. I fell asleep. I live each day with a #yolo mentality, doing my best to choose joy and spend time with people we love. I recognize I take on too much at times but it’s different then in the past. I used to say “yes” to please others and earn their approval. Now I say “yes” to make memories for and with my family. I do things now out of choice and enjoyment. I’ve gone through scary medical issues as a teenager putting me in and out of the hospital and I’ve witnessed a tragic death as an adult. I have a strong appreciation of how precious life is. So there you have it, I crash and burn sometimes too, even if it’s for 24 minutes during Sofia the First. #balance #rest #playismywordthisyear