Summer Fun Series-2

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I love summer. I think being a teacher straight out of college then becoming self employed has made me a fan of the season since I’ve always had time off to enjoy it. I strive for balance with allowing my children to try new things in the summer months, to become bored (I think it’s healthy) and to have time to just p-l-a-y and c-r-e-a-t-e.

I am documenting our summer bucket list here. I started out the season by sharing how I plan for summer adventures in my video series. Then I spent time using pinterest and the lovely internet to plan out a variety of things to do. We never stick to a strict plan but if there’s a rainy day, you better believe I have an indoor backup activity versus too much screen time!

So let this series be an inspiration to you to live big and enjoy
the summer months with your loved ones!


Bucket List Week #4

Beach Read: I had a lot of travel time on my trip to Chicago and read an entire book over the course of two days! It is a new book called Modern Lovers by Emma Straub. 

Chicago: Over the course of two days, I managed to sight see around downtown Chicago. I stayed at the Hyatt Regency on Wacker Dr. which was in walking distance to the lake, Millennium Park, the river front and the Miracle Mile. The trip served the purpose of meeting the wonderful women in my mastermind group. We have been meeting for over a year and a half, weekly via a video chat to help grow our businesses but we have never met in person. It was awesome and kind of felt like I was meeting “the one” I met through an online dating course. I also spent time working with my distributor and taking a tour of their sales offices and distribution center. On top of all that, I squeezed in a coffee date with a few women I met in my private Facebook group, Empowering Kids with Character! The trip wasn’t complete without a book signing downtown at Barnes and Noble!

Trucks: Anywhere I go, I now take pictures of fun trucks for my son. I made a book out of them (bonus is when HE is standing in front of the truck) thanks to Shutterfly. 

Fruit Loop Towers: This is an easy project that serves as fine motor practice, patterning skills and just plain old fun because you get to eat a sugary cereal after building!

Mural Painting: Thanks to IKEA, we have this amazing roll of butcher paper to paint and create murals on. We took a break from the heat one afternoon this week to create a city for our little boy to drive his cars around on!

Rock Candy: We followed a recipe, step by step, to make rock candy. We are patiently (not very patient actually) waiting for the crystals to form. The recipe said it could take anywhere from 1-2 weeks.

A Box-We have a rule about boxes in our house, the kids can play and create with them all they want until the next recycle truck day arrives. We have three children and if we let them keep every box we received from Amazon (which is too many, oops!) we would turn into hoarders!