Summer Fun Series-2

I love summer. I think being a teacher straight out of college then becoming self employed has made me a fan of the season since I’ve always had time off to enjoy it. I strive for balance with allowing my children to try new things in the summer months, to become bored (I think it’s healthy) and to have time to just p-l-a-y and c-r-e-a-t-e.

I am documenting our summer bucket list here. I started out the season by sharing how I plan for summer adventures in my video series. Then I spent time using pinterest and the lovely internet to plan out a variety of things to do. We never stick to a strict plan but if there’s a rainy day, you better believe I have an indoor backup activity versus too much screen time!

So let this series be an inspiration to you to live big and enjoy
the summer months with your loved ones!



Summer Vacation -Week #1

The Last Day of School-the moms at the bus stop had silly string to celebrate with the kids as they stepped off the bus on their last day. Another mom brought popsicles to share! Afterwards, our kids and I headed out for lunch. Our youngest has me draw pictures of trucks when we are out at restaurants 🙂

Chores and Routines-I posted a flexible routine for the summer. It includes outdoor play time, learning time, quiet time, etc.  It also includes a chore chart. I introduced this after the first official day of summer break when I heard “What are we doing next?” and “I’m bored!”

The Detroit Zoo-working on our bucket list, we made a trip to the local zoo. I loved how our seven year old brought along a notebook to make observations.

Lake Time-my husband and I both admire the outdoors. We spend a lot of time outside biking, boating and enjoying the summer sun with the kids.

Crafting-I am making a quilt for each of my children out of their old clothing. It will take me months, maybe even years to complete but I started this week!

Date Night in Detroit-Dave and I went downtown for date night. The city has truly transformed and continues to improve in many ways!

Farmer’s Market-I love summer for the fact that local fruits and vegetables are available and make for a colorful meal.

Library Challenge-We stop by the local library once a week in the summer to fill up on books. I will pick some that match activities we are doing like animals, birds, horses, and more!

Amazon Prime-I spent some time ordering supplies for our indoor crafts this summer. We are tye-dyeing socks for gifts during the holidays.

Father’s Day-check out the cool sunglasses I am wearing…they’re my dads! We spent time with his for Father’s Day on the lake.

Nature Hike-We have several parks and nature paths around our house. On this occasion, the girls collected flowers while our son hit trees with a stick!

Learning Games-some of my kids nap, some don’t. When one wakes up and the others are still asleep, it’s the perfect time for one-on-one mama time. I love playing board games or games that teach, like this puzzle matching card game.

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