Summer Fun -

Hello! I am thrilled to be sharing my plan for preparing our families summer fun! I share with you, step-by-step, how we create our Summer Bucket List. There are five videos in this series to watch (all under 5 minutes) to prepare for the best. summer. ever! I would love to stay in touch and see what you and your family are doing this summer. Hashtag your photos on Instagram with #mariadismondybooks and #SummerBucketList or tag me @mariadismondybooks so I can tune in!

Summer Fun #1 Plan The Fun!

Documenting & Organizing

  • Keep a summer bucket list
  • Ask your kids what THEY want to do and learn over the summer
  • Plan for days at home 🙂
  • Girl scout badge bucket list idea
  • Make a summer scrapbook (get blank books in the Target Dollar Spot)
  • Photo journal of summer (Shutterfly)

Summer Fun #2 Indoor Fun

Indoor Fun Activities

  • Crafts
    • Brown paper bag fun
    • large paper hang on fence and paint
    • outdoor art gallery
    • Make bird feeders
    • Build a fort out of blankets
    • Decorate with a big card board box
    • toothpick and marshmallow buildings
  • Make busy bags to use all year long
  • Family Game Night
  • Tea party
  • Shadow Puppet Show
  • Rainy Day Fun
    • roller skating
    • ice skating
    • museums
    • butterfly garden
    • ice cream for dinner

Summer Fun #3 Outdoor Fun

Outdoor Fun Activities

  • Sprinkler fun
  • Homemade slip n’ slide
  • Smores by a camp fire
  • Paint with colored ice cubes
  • Host a summer party
  • Catch fireflies
  • Summer (backyard) olympics
  • Bike/car wash
  • Lemonade Stand
  • Make ice cream
  • Paint rocks
  • Water balloon fight
  • Camp out at home
  • Picnic with stuffed animals
  • Nature walk
    • Collect objectives to make craft
  • Bike rides

Summer Fun #4 Educational

Educational Activities

  • Look at your child’s last report card—
  • Choose objectives and goals for each child
  • Purchase a Summer Bridge Book (we love the ones at Costco)
  • Plan and implement a Morning Routine for learning
  • Start a Summer Book Club with kids
  • Back-to-school crafts
  • Christmas crafts
  • Summer Reading
  • Find and participate in a Library Challenge
  • Educational Bingo

Summer Fun #5 Field Trips

Field Trips

  • Local field trips around your town
  • Ethnic Grocery Store-try something new
  • visit a fire station
  • outdoor concert
  • Flea market
  • Farmers Market
  • garage sales
  • parades
  • Fireworks
  • Berry picking
  • Visit one free park a week
  • Free Home Depot project day
  • Visit a Senior Home

Travel Activities

  • Pick a nearly town to visit
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Checklists
  • License plate game
  • Virtual trips
    • books, videos
    • pick 3


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Summer Fun -