Free family fun 30-day challengebring more joy & laughter into your home!

Hello Be The Difference Blog Readers! This month of April I am super excited to promote our private Facebook group called Empowering Kids with Character. This group was created in September of 2015 with the intention to bridge together teachers and parents who are dedicated to raising and educating children with a strong character focus. This group has grown substantially since September, the members support each other and at the same time inspire and motivate each other to be the best parents and teachers they can. It is a sacred place for people share problems in the classroom or with parenting and other group members offer honest feedback that supports other members in solving the problems. The group is free, it is private, it is called Empowering Kids with Character.

This month, when you sign up to join, you will receive a free 30-day family fun challenge calendar. How you use this calendar is: first, print the calendar out; second, put it in your kitchen or somewhere where you can see it all month long; and third, take a look at the different activities and try to complete at least one a day. The purpose of this calendar is to guide you and to remind you that spending time with your kids is super important and that just one simple activity a day can make a huge difference in their lives. It will build your relationships, strengthen your family bond, bring more fun and laughter into your home. So spread the word, please share this with friends, other family members. You’re going to go to this link, add your email, you will receive the free calendar and you will be authorized with a link to join the group. We can’t wait to see you there.


Here are some powerful interviews that were created for this group, watch them here:

Empowering Kids with Character Interviews-Barbara Gruener 

Interview Series-Laurel Klaassen 

Character Interview Series-Sheila Sjolseth

Character Interview Series-Jennifer McCaffrey

Interview Series with Dr. Colleen Carroll

Character Interview Series-Rhett McKenzie