Book Review: Bartholomew Quill

Author Thor Hanson Illustrator Dana Arnim

Bartholomew Quill by Thor Hanson -

Age Level: A fun read-aloud for the whole family

Book Description: 

Bartholomew Quill is clever and curious, but he doesn’t know quote who or what he is. He has feathers not fur, so he can’t be a moose; he is black like a puffin but his beak is the wrong color. This determined bird won’t stop asking questions until he discovers what the reader knows – Bartholomew Quill is a crow!

Additional Resources:

The author is an award-winning adult writer as well as an acclaimed biologist, and the illustrator is a key leader in the local chapter of SCBWI. This book is perfect for young readers determined to find their place in the world.

My Review: After reading Bartholomew Quill to my children, I can tell you that this is an excellent book for those who love nature. The illustrations are so intricate with details of different insects and animals through out the book. The story reminds me of the book Are You My Mother by P.D. Eastman. Comparing and contrasting the two books would be a great lesson for children in the classroom or even at home. The book is written in rhyme which lends itself to another lesson for children. The quality of the book is excellent-hardcover with thicker pages for little hands to turn (avoiding rips and tears.) I love that publishers are including activities at the end of books now and suggesting ways that the book can be used in group discussions, independently and activities to do after reading the book.

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