#TakingCareThurs-Franklin Forgives by Paulette Bourgeois

About the Book-Franklin Forgives by Paulette Bourgeois

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This story of a lost pet and a sibling dilemma will strike a responsive chord with Franklin fans.

It was just an accident: Franklin’s little sister Harriet didn’t mean to upset Goldie’s fishbowl while the family was picnicking at the pond. But she did, and now Franklin’s beloved pet goldfish has disappeared into the pond. Harriet is as brokenhearted as Franklin, but Franklin can’t help being angry with her; being sorry won’t bring Goldie back. Guided by his parents’ kind understanding, Franklin eventually finds a way to go beyond his pain and forgive his little sister. The reward is a happy ending for the siblings, and for Goldie, too.

Website: www.paulettebourgeois.ca

What this book teaches-Forgiveness

My review of the book: This is a good story about forgiveness because it walks children through the feelings of being angry and upset along with discussing an accident, when someone does something wrong, but it wasn’t not on purpose. I also like how it shows that being mad and angry at someone can make us physically ill.

More lesson ideas:

Forgivness is a power character trait to teach our children. When I visit schools and talk about forgiveness, we act out a scene where the person who is angry carries around a heavy bag-representative of uncomfortable, unwanted feelings. Once they communicate their concerns and work out the problem, they can put the bag down. The ah-ha moment comes when the angry person realizes the person they are “mad” at isn’t carrying around the heavy bag. Ah-HA!
I have had two major situations as an adult where I had to dig deep to forgive because it was making me physically ill. My world became lighter once I did this. I used empathy to help me when thinking of the other person in these situations.
Let’s be sure to talk to our children about forgiveness so that they have ideas on how to problem solve and move forward.

Homeschool Character Lessons

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