Character Lesson for Mondays - SHARING

Hello readers and thank you for stopping by my blog Be The Difference. I am a children’s book author and mother to three young children. I am dedicated to spreading the important messages in my books to children around the world. I strive to make a difference in my own home by spending time teaching my children character traits using age appropriate activities and quality children’s literature. I am sharing these lessons with you, week-by-week so that you can do the same. Let’s provide our children with tools they can use when they go out into the world and face difficult situations. Let’s give them a chance to grow up to be Problem Solvers! I would love to connect with you and continue this conversation—please see links at the bottom of this post— Maria Dismondy

What is Sharing?

Sharing means some for you and some for me. If it is an item or group of things it could be split into two (or more) portions, eg a biscuit broken in 2 or a box of building blocks put in 3 piles for 3 friends to use. If it is an item that cannot be split then we might share by taking turns with it, eg having only 1 Batman action figure, I will play with it for a few minutes, then I will give it to you to play with for a few minutes, and so on. Sharing is about thinking of others and yourself.


Book I am using with this lesson:

he Mine-O-Saur by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

How I used this book to teach about Sharing

Book: Read or listen to the book with your child.

Discuss: Ask children questions after each time the Mine-o-Saur throws a fit and doesn’t want to share. What do his friends do? Eventually in the end, they don’t want to play with him because he’s not making it fun for anyone. Once he realizes this and apologizes, his friends want to spend time with him again.

Craft: Make a Dinosaur Hat! Or how about a sparkly Paper Plate Dinosaur?

Activity: Create Dinosaur Fossils or Make Dinosaur Fossil Cookies to eat!

Product I’ve created to go along with this lesson: Compare and Contrast Two Mentor Texts (common theme is Sharing)

Video to teach kindness: 

  1. Color Your Word with Kindness
  2. Song: Sharing

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