Book Review: I Bee The Bee

Written by Joe Milligan Illustrated by Alejandro Raymond


Age Level: 0-5

Book Description: Life in the beehive might seem like it’s all honey and games, but things can get a little sticky for ordinary bees. In this charming story, a young bee faces familiar childhood insecurities: not fitting in, feeling lost, and not knowing who (or how) bees should be. Should he be a green bee, a pink bee, a pig with wings, or a fish that sings? With all these possibilities, it’s no wonder he’s got his wings in a knot!

My Review:

I will start by saying, I really enjoyed the illustrations in this book. They are super creative. The bees are designed digitally, but certain images like the fall leaves and flowering trees are real images. It’s a great mix of digital and real life photography.

This children book is a rhyming story that teaches readers to be the BEST they can be. There are a several examples of “BEE”ing different things but it all comes down to being who you are. Several character traits are illustrated, both in the text and illustrations such as self-acceptance and individuality. The book carries a wonderful message. At the end of the book, there are activity pages which is a nice follow up to the story. I know my children would love for me to print these pages out for them to complete.

This story holds an important message and I wish I could reach out into the virtual world and give this author a high five for putting time into creating something that will make a difference in the lives of young children!

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This book is perfect be read both at home and at school.