Book Review: The Worry Jar

Written by Michelle White, PhD Illustrated by Megan D. Wellman




Age Level: This book can be for children ages K-12. The reading ability level would be 3rd grade and above (so hard to say because all children are different! It’s a Level M/N if you are thinking in Guided Reading Leveling Systems.)


Book Description: Caleb doesn’t know what to do. His hands are sweaty, his heart beats fast, and his stomach is upset way too many times in a day. Why are there so many things to worry about? But when Miss White, his fourth grade teacher, suggests a way to deal with his worries, Caleb isn’t too sure it’ll help. What is a worry jar and how is it the answer?

My Review: Worry is a feeling that seems as though it is inevitable. What’s the first thing people say when trying to counsel someone who is worried? They say “Don’t Worry!” But HOW do you NOT worry???

I believe Michelle White’s book, The Worry Jar, offers a solution. It’s one that is visual and tangible, reaching different learning intelligences. It is written, not as a how-to, but as a work of fiction (but based on events from the author’s life). This book walks us through the problem and solution as it’s told in third person about a student and his teacher (thank you teachers for helping our children!) We see examples of a number of character traits such as strength, courage, and determination.

After reading Michelle’s website, I discovered within minutes, that she is a wonderful example of someone who exhibits strength, courage and determination! I hope to help her spread the message of this book with this review!

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This book is perfect for all ages and can be read both at home and at school.

The Worry Jar -

The Worry Jar -