We were thankful to have had the chance to review Boogie Board Products over the last few months.

Here are our final thoughts on the one product we have yet to review for you.

The Sync 9.7 is a TOP NOTCH model. Three unique features: 1. Write and draw 2. Save or erase (lock feature) 3. Blue Tooth Paiting to your mobile device. This model even allows you to work with the app Evernote.

Home: From a family’s perspective having three young children, I could see the kids creating art and notes then saving them using The Sync 9.7 then sync to Evernote and allow my husband to view on his phone from work. Super sweet and simple.

Work: From a business perspective, I will be attending a conference this weekend and will use The Sync 9.7 to take notes and upload for later use.

Thank you to Boogie Board for giving our family products to test out and use this summer.