I was asked by our Local News team to do a segment on Back-To-School books. Although I love books about the back to school jitters and meeting your new classmates for the first time, I really wanted to focus in on the importance of books with examples of character. Let’s give our children a tool belt filled with skills they can use when they are out there on their own in school, away from our support and advice. This way, when there is a situation at school, your children have some experience on how they may go about handling the problem and becoming a problem solver!

Here’s what I suggest:

  • Read at LEAST one book a week with your children from this list of TOP NOTCH children’s books.
  • Ask questions and discuss what is happening in the book with your children.
  • You can get the books used online, from garage sales from your local library or from your children’s school library. Another option: Several authors read their books aloud for children on YouTube.
  • Check out this initiative by a teacher here in Michigan to inspire families and teachers to read a character book with their students/children each Thursday. If you are on social media, follow me on Instagram where I will post my own family’s #TakingCareThurs book each week.
  • For further learning on character, check out my video playlists for parents and children over on YouTube.

Book List:

I am currently booking school visits for the 2015-2016 school year. I speak on the following topics: Literacy, Bullying and Character Development. For more information on having me visit your child’s school, email info@mariadismondy.com