Friday’s Amazing Author-Jackie Stassinopoulos

About the Author:

Jackie is a hands-on mom who started making her own flash cards of the items that were being taught in the classroom for her oldest son. They practiced with them, they played games with them, and they learned. They brought them everywhere we went. In the back of her mind, she was always thinking about those families with two working parents. She could barely keep up and she is a stay-at-home mom. She knew she couldn’t be the only parent out there struggling. There had to be others, and she wanted to help them. That is when You’ll Flip was created. She loves her product, and she can’t wait to share it with you!

Jackie Stassinopoulos

Products by this week’s Amazing Author:

Whether you are looking for a solid review of the basics or want a challenge for your advanced learner, there is a You’ll Flip product for you. You’ll Flip books were created based on state education benchmarks so that you, as a parent, can see what your child is expected to know at each level.

“Lunch Totes”

“Snack Packs”


My personal review of the product:

I used the You’ll Flip books with my preschooler last week. She was excited to sit down with me and she walked around the house with the little bag of cards for quite some time. These are NOT YOUR USUAL flashcards. They are vibrant and spark curiosity in children. These products are made of high quality materials.

I had a babysitter this week for a few hours. When I returned she asked me where I got the bag of cards from. She is a first grade teacher and said she took a picture of them and already send the picture to her entire teaching staff! So not only are they parent approved but teacher approved too!

If you LIKE what you SEE and HEAR, head over to You’ll Flip Books website! Like and follow You’ll Flip Book on Facebook and Twitter. You can easily participate in The Summer Kindness Contest for YOUR CHANCE to WIN this product!!!!