Friday’s Amazing Author-Jodi McMaster



About the Author:

When Jodi Mcmaster first started teaching elementary school, 10 years ago, she was having a difficult time getting her students to understand long and short vowels when it came to sounding out words. After struggling and searching for ideas others had created she came up empty handed.

It was at this time Jodi decided she needed to come up with her own reading strategies to help her students understand which vowels make which sound within a word. Over the years she has tweaked the reading strategies to hit the visual, audio and kinesthetic learners.

Friday’s Amazing Author-Jodi McMaster

Circus Vowels is a book that helps beginning and struggling readers identify the different vowels within a word and the sounds that they make. With the help of this book, the beginning reader will be able to look at a word and know if the vowels within the word make a short vowel sound, long vowel sound, or no sound at all!

Books by this week’s Amazing Author:

Circus Vowels: The Long and the Short of It by Jodi McMaster


My personal review of Circus Vowels:

I met Jodi a few years ago through a mutual friend. She gifted me the book Circus Vowels and it came at a perfect time when I was teaching my oldest about reading and writing strategies. Circus Vowels is well written and the illustrations are sure to keep the attention of your students and children. I was very impressed with the QUALITY of the new Circus Vowels Kit which includes materials to teach this strategy to your entire class! Teachers–you are going to love this and lucky for you, we are giving away one of these kits which are valued at $49.99!

Check out this video of a student using this creative reading strategy!

Circus Vowels Kit

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