Friday’s Amazing Author-Bookroo

This week’s sponsor has gifted one bookroo box to the prize collection for The Summer Kindness Contest!


About Bookroo:

The founding team is three brothers, Chandler, Kesler, and Tayler and their wives Tiffany, Jane, and Rebecca–all lifetime readers. It all started when Tayler realized that he wanted a better way to find new, excellent books for himself to read. He couldn’t find a book subscription service he was happy with, and in one of their frequent conversations, told Kesler about his futile search. As they went back and forth on the idea, they realized that while there wasn’t a book subscription service they loved for adults, that wasn’t the version of the service they were most excited about pursuing–they wanted to create a children’s book subscription service. They invited Chandler to work with them on it, and as their wives got involved in the Google Hangouts that were going back and forth, the idea was something that they were so personally passionate about, they immediately became involved as well.

How it works:

Reading is an investment in your child’s future.

It helps them in every facet of their formal education, improves their emotional health and coping abilities, and increases their future earning potential. Bookroo makes this investment an affordable one.

Friday’s Amazing Author-Bookroo

My personal review of the Bucket Fillers’ Books:

The bookroo package to giveaway arrived at our house in an adorable brown box. The books were individually gift wrapped. One lucky winner will receive one bookroo box—enter to win our Summer Kindness Contest for your chance!

Friday’s Amazing Author-Bookroo

If you LIKE what you SEE and HEAR, head over to Bookroo‘s website! Like, follow and pin them on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and Pinterest. You can easily participate in The Summer Kindness Contest for YOUR CHANCE to WIN this product!!!!