ce3f92b3c14dcbc8b93f990f4a801ffbAre you stumped on what you can do to help someone else and show kindness.

I am here to offer a solution to that problem, here are my Top 10 Acts of Kindness that take FIVE minutes or less:

1. Paint a rock and using a black permanent marker, write a positive saying on it like “Be Brave!” Gift to someone else.

2. Write an old fashioned letter to a friend.

3. Take a sticky note and write a positive quote on it. Stick this to someone’s car.

4. Jot down some loving words and hide the note for your husband or spouse to find!

5. Leave your recyclable cans at the curb or in the grocery store where the return machines are for someone else to reap the benefits of the return money.

6. Pick flowers and give them to your mail carrier.

7. Leave a cold drink out for your trash collectors.

8. Put on a talent show by signing, dancing or telling jokes for someone who needs their spirits lifted via phone, Skype or FaceTime.

9. Leave a few quarters by the vending machines at the grocery store for someone to find.

10. Use your time and talents to help someone out. I could take five minutes to read someone’s children’s book manuscript and offer some suggestions.

To find out MORE ideas, visit my Pinterest Page Making Spirits Bright.

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