Friday’s Amazing Author-Miriam Laundry

This week’s Amazing Author has gifted copies of their book to the prize collection for The Summer Kindness Contest!



About the Author:

Miriam Laundry is a Canadian author and sought after speaker with a goal of empowering children to believe in themselves and to know they CAN! Bestselling author and mother, Miriam Laundry, writes books that inspire and empower children to make choices that promote confidence, happiness and responsibility. Miriam is the creator of the” I CAN” children’s book series.

In addition to writing children’s books, Miriam is a facilitator for The Passion Test. She recently coached me through the test over three hours and it was an amazing experience. Miriam helped determine what is important to me and come up with a plan to incorporate those passions into my daily life. Here are more details on her coaching packages.

Miriam Laundry


Books by this week’s Amazing Author:

I CAN Make a Difference (Miriam has so generously donated 2 of these to give away in this Summer’s Kindness Contest!)

I CAN Believe in Myself

My personal review of the Miriam Laundry’s Books:

Both of Miriam’s books empower children to take action. I especially love I CAN Make a Difference because it shows children they can use their time, talents and treasures to make a difference. Even adults think helping others is difficult if they, themselves are not in a good place financially. But helping others and making a difference doesn’t require us to give money all the time. A lady I run with and I were talking about this and she mentioned instead of working the concession stand at football games to volunteer, she uses her talents as a graphic designer and puts together the marching band’s directory.

If you LIKE what you SEE and HEAR, head over to Miriam Laundry’s website! Like and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. You can easily participate in The Summer Kindness Contest for YOUR CHANCE to WIN this product!!!!

Friday’s Amazing Author-Miriam Laundry