A few months ago my friend Erin Klein and I hosted an educators Meetup. Something I learned while there was how popular the site TpT-Teachers Pay Teachers has become. Teachers are sharing products that they create for their classroom on a collaborative board. In the past, I’ve downloaded and purchased a few products for the purpose of homeschooling my girls through preschool and have been so impressed with the quality of the products.


Fast forward six weeks later and I have opened a TpT store. I thought over the next year I will put some time into creating products that can be used in support of reading my books in classroom and at home.

TPTch2One of the talented teachers I met at the meet-up, Emily Yost, has joined together with a few other teachers to motivate Tpt sellers for four weeks with a challenge. It pushed me to get my first product created!


Thank you to the ladies who are hosting the Tpt challenge. I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to motivating others!

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