Lisa Wheeler

This week’s Amazing Author has gifted copies of their book to the prize collection for The Summer Kindness Contest!



About the Author:

Lisa Wheeler‘s family moved to Michigan when she was fifteen. She was so shy, she spent her lunch periods in the library, hiding behind a book. Her biggest fear was walking into that giant cafeteria and sitting alone.

Eventually, Lisa married and raised three children. As the kids grew older, she started to think about the next phase of her life. She’d worked in various part-time jobs over the years, but there was one thing she’d always wanted to do — write! In 1995, she began to ‘get serious’ about writing.  Serious she is! Lisa has written over 20 books!

Writing books for children is definitely a dream come true for Lisa. She is doing exactly what she is supposed to be doing with her life. Just like when she was a child in Pennsylvania, she loves everything about children’s books — even the smell!

Lisa’s Professional Biography: Lisa Wheeler is the author of 34 children’s books including Pet Project:Cute and Cuddly Vicious Verses and Dino-Boarding. Her awards include The Michigan Mitten, Texas Bluebonnet, and the Theodore Geisel Honor given by the American Library Association. Her 35th title, Dino-Swimming, comes out this Fall. Lisa shares her Michigan home with one husband, one dog, and an assortment of anthropomorphic characters.

Books by this week’s Amazing Author:

These are the books Lisa has so generously donated for us to give away in this Summer’s Kindness Contest!


Hokey Pokey: Another Prickly Love Story

Where, Oh Where, Is Santa Claus?

One Dark Night

Boogie Knights

This author has MANY MORE titles for you to check out here!


My personal review of the Lisa Wheeler Books:

I first met Lisa in a teacher staff lounge! She was the visiting author at the school I was teaching at and we sat down for lunch together. I loved how approachable and down to earth she was. I get this same sense while reading Lisa’s books. Her books often rhyme, have sweet animal characters and in the end teach a valuable lesson. One of her most popular series has Dinosaurs as the characters with a focus on different sports themes. My girls like this one and we have fun learning the names of dinosaurs together!

Lisa visits local schools here in Michigan. Find out more about her school visits here.

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