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Thank you to this week’s sponsor of The Summer Kindness Contest


This week we have a unique product to share with you, the “I’m So Glad You’re My Daughter/Son Gift Set”

About the company:

” I’m So Glad™ was inspired by a desire to deepen and strengthen our most cherished relationships. Too many times the rush of life sneaks in and distracts us from taking a few simple minutes that will create the memories our loved ones will remember forever.

Beginning with two relationships that are dear to us both, Sons & Daughters, we are proud to introduce the first line of gift sets from I’m So Glad™

Our hope and desire is that these products will help parents create opportunities with their children that will lead to positive, impressionable moments we like to call ‘memory moments’ – real, tangible, lasting moments that enable parents to express their love to their sons and daughters. ” Founders: Trey and Greg

About the products:

The I’m So Glad You’re My Daughter/Son Gift Set was developed to help parents strengthen their relationship with their daughter. The gift set is designed to serve as a frame for a special photo and a keepsake box all at the same time. The sturdy packaging includes a window in the lid that accommodates a 4X6 photo. Magnets securely keep the lid shut, and the entire box is hand wrapped in a soft, textured wood-free paper.




My personal review of the product:

I received a Daughter and Son gift set to include in the prize collection for The Summer Kindness Contest a few weeks ago. I can not say enough about the quality of the products. First, you open the gift box and inside are three things: the note pad, the encouragement pad and the memory moments box. I often think about how busy life is but how important it is to put energy and love into  our treasured relationships and to preserve our memories. This gift set offers us an easy chance to do all of these! I also thought about how if I were using this with my own children, I would use the encouragement notes to stuff into their lunch boxes as a special reminder as to what I think they are so wonderful!   Last, I would say they are reasonably priced  at just $34.95 and you have the chance to purchase items individually too.

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