Our Summer Contest is LIVE—we hope you will participate. Details are listed below. Please share this blog post with others to help us spread the word on this pay-it-forward initiative! 🙂 Maria




Contest Details
1. Print the kindness coupons HERE
2. Perform a Random Act of Kindness
3. Snap a picture of the RAK
(a coupon needs to be visible in the photo)
4. Email photo to info@mariadismondy.com
5. Share your photo on social media
(any platform) with the hashtag #mariadismondybooks
*Contest ends 9/6/15 6am EST


We are partnering with some amazing brands to offer you an amazing list of prizes. Prizes will be listed here in the weeks to come. Each contestant can enter one photo per category, up to five photos total. If you do not indicate which photo goes to which category, our team will do so when receiving your email. Winners will be chosen by local celebrities!

The Lucy: Friendliest
Runner-up receives a signed copy of Spaghetti In A Hot Dog Bun
Lucy is the main character in the book, Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun. Lucy posesses the qualities of a good friend when she helps Ralph down from the monkey bars. Ralph did not treat Lucy with kindness through out the story but Lucy knew in her heart that despite his actions, she needed to treat him the way she would want to be treated.

The Papa Gino: Most Heartwarming
Runner-up receives a signed copy of Spaghetti In A Hot Dog Bun
Papa Gino is Lucy’s grandfather. He is there for Lucy when she needs help. Even better, he gives her the opportunity to be a problem solver instead of fixing everything for her. Papa Gino is the character we all adore, his actions show love for his family!

The Walter Norbert: Most Inspiring
Runner-up receives a signed copy of The Potato Chip Champ
Walter Norbert inspires everyone who reads the book The Potato Chip Champ. Walter has very few possessions but his rusty, old bike. What puzzles Champ in the story is how Walter can have so little but have so many friends. Truth of the matter? Walter stands for kindness! With a lot more kindness in our world, it will be a brighter place!

The Stella: Most Surprising
Runner-up receives a signed copy of Pink Tiara Cookies for Three
Stella surprises us in Pink Tiara Cookies for Three. Instead of following the demands and threats from her best friend Sami to ‘only play with her’, Stella makes room for the new girl, Jasmine. Don’t we all want to be included? Surprise others by doing what you know to be true in your heart, instead of following the crowd.

The Gabe: Most Creative
Runner-up receives a signed copy of Chocolate Milk, Por Favor
Gabe shows perserverance, courage and strength in the book Chocolate Milk, Por Favor. The children in this story are creative in how they interact with Gabe since he does not speak their language. Their creative thinking shows that actions speak louder than words!

Official Rules
Each participant can enter up to five photos, which would be five different RAKS.Team at MDI will
select which category your photo will be in unless you indicate this in
the email. Winners are not eligible to win more than one prize.
Local Detroit celebrities will be the official judges. Contest ends September 6th at 6 AM EST
and winners will be announced September 8th at 8 PM EST. Prizes will be
delivered to the owner of the email account used to send photos and must be 18+ years old. Partcipants can be any age as long as parent permission is given to enter photos.

By participating in this contest, you give permission for your photo(s) to be used to
promote this event. Must email photo, have kindness coupon in picture
and post to social media with #mariadismondybooks to be eligible to win.

Prizes will be shipped to winners with no shipping cost.

Teachers: If you decide to post pictures on behalf of your students, be sure you have parent permission.
You may only submit up to five photos total per email account.


Contest Judges

We are thrilled to have local celebrities make up our panel of judges.

Glenda Lewis-News anchor for Channel 7 Action News (ABC)

Andrew Humphrey-Meteorologist for Channel 4 WDIV-TV (NBC)

Karen Drew-News anchor for Channel 4 WDIV-TV (NBC)

Taryn Asher-New anchor for Fox2 News Detroit


Contest Sponsors

Our prize packages are almost complete and will be listed shortly.
Thank you to our stellar brands for donating your products!

Sticky Bellies
I’m So Glad Gifts
GoGo Sports Girls
Brad Herzog
Bucket Fillers
Lisa Wheeler
Surprise Ride
Miriam Laundry
Boogie Boards

If you are interested in sponsoring this contest, please contact our marketing manager Liza at liza@mariadismondy.com for more information.