This Papa Bunny lost his nose from his owner giving him eskimo kisses. Busia (grandma) sewed on a new one.

We are fans of bunnies around here. Each of our three children have a bunny that they sleep with and that they adore.

They all have the same name, Papa Bunny. They never leave the house except for vacations (the bunnies, not my kids) but they still manage to get lost. And those nights are hard nights for us as parents. We spend too much time searching random drawers and closets to find the matted and well loved bunnies. But in the end, our three kids have been champs at sleeping and I like to think it was because they each have a Papa Bunny.

It wasn’t a surprise to find I was hooked when I read the first book in a series, called Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems. A little girl with a lost stuffed bunny? Bingo! We are currently the real life family that you can compare to the family in that book.

Mo Willems is the author of all three Knuffle Bunny books along with some other great gems such as Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive the Bus and My Friend is Sad (I’ve read this book in particular at least 100 times. Our three-year-old LOVES how goofy it is!) The books are silly and get a good message across to children. The illustrations are creative, vivid and make me smile REAL big! If I could describe, in one word, how I felt when reading these books to my children, the word would be happy. I love that we can snuggle up and laugh together and that’s the last thing they remember before going to sleep for the night. A warm and fuzzy memory with mama and papa.


See that smile? We love this book.

Find out more about Mo Willems and his books on his website. I was browsing the site and found he has a new book coming out in October called The Story of Diva and Flea. Thank you Mo for all that you are creating for children and the time you put into your work. From your book signings and musicals on stage representing your work to several appearances you have monthly, getting in front of your fans. Kudos to you for making a difference!