Friday'sA few week’s ago, I started sharing reviews of some of the amazing children’s authors our family reads on a daily basis.

I was doing this as a post on Facebook, but have decided to post it here as well. Even my biggest followers on Facebook may not see my due to the algorithm that Facebook has created on the visibility of posts in your feed. Here are the first two weeks and following is this week’s review! What are some of your family’s favorites?


My girls reading one of Kelly’s books.

Week :1 I am starting a new series where every Friday I share the name of a children’s book author that shares powerful messages in their books. The reviews will come from my children and I, since I don’t want to recommend anything that we haven’t read and enjoyed!
Right now, we are enjoying books written by Kelly Dipucchio. Kelly is a Michigan author and has written over a dozen books. We really liked the message of celebrating diversity in her book written with Queen Rania Al Abdullah, The Sandwich Swap. The story highlights two best friends, one who eats PB&J and the other who eats a hummus and pita sandwich each day! This hit home with us since we eat unique combinations (um, Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun anyone?)
Find out more about Kelly Dipucchio and her books here:

Week #2 Happy Friday! This week I want to introduce you to the author Trudy Ludwig. We own several of Trudy’s books and have read a few of them over and over again, including My Secret Bully.
I also like reading Trouble Talk to my kindergartener. I love that it is a relatable story for young girls. They can connect to the story and the characters and they WILL LEARN a lesson from reading the book.
Another title of Trudy’s that we own is The Invisible Boy. Reading the book made me so sad because I KNOW that children are easily left out like the character in the story. I want my children to be the ones who are inviting to others if they are in a similar situation or if they are found being left out, I know this story have given them some ideas on what they can do.
I hope you will consider sharing Trudy’s work with your children or the students you teach!

Week #3 This week’s amazing author is someone most of you already know and love, Laura Numeroff.

Laura is known for her titles: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,  If You Give A Moose A Muffin, If You Give A Pig A Pancake, If You Give A Cat A Cupcake and If You Give A Dog a Donut. The books are like a hot cup of coffee to me. They comfort and soothe me as I read them to my children. The books are written in rhyme and include some alliteration. They follow a certain, familiar pattern. The illustrations are delightful and often times silly too! I think Laura’s books are a must have when building your family library!

A few year’s ago, I came across this sweet poem on the internet, written by Beth Brubaker in a similar fashion to Laura’s books. It’s called If You Give a Mom a Muffin.