If you have been a reader of this blog over the last few years, you will know we celebrate a made up holiday called Daughter’s Day.
It was inspired by a story I read in the book The Power of a Positive Mom by Karol Ladd. The book suggests coming up with special traditions with your children. This year, I took the girls to see a children’s musical, The Frog Prince at the Northville Marquis. We went to an estate sale, where both girls picked out a collectable spoon from an amazing pile of shiny silverware! We had ice cream from a local dairy farm (Guernsey) and the highlight for my six-year-old was going to a children’s resale shop and getting to pick out a few books to buy! I love that they are bookworms.

IMG_0688To prepare for Mother’s Day, the kids and I spent some time this week making special gifts for the mamas in our lives. I especially liked this handprint project. I packaged them each up with a decorated sugar cookie in the shape of a sun, along with a gift card to get a coffee (I think coffee and cookies goes well together!)

I hope you have an amazing week!