In January I posted a Family Fun Challenge that got a lot of positive feedback. It all came about when my husband and I were talking about how routine-like our winter was feeling. Cold, long days with dark nights beginning way too soon. We needed something to spice up our time together with the kids at night time. Instead of dinner, stories and bed, we wanted to add more FUN to our evenings! Check out my Pinterest Board where I pinned ideas of crafts and activities that went along with these daily challenges.ffc1

For those of you who missed out, here are the daily challenges for you to try out now that the new year is well under way.

Day 1. Play a board game.
Day 2. Look at old family photos.
Day 3. Build paper airplanes and fly them in the house.
Day 4. Create a simple video with One Day App
Day 5. Write something together-Try Mad Libs
Day 6. Discuss inviting someone over for dinner & execute the plan this month.
Day 7. Collect old clothing and toys to donate
Day 8. Build a castle out of playing cards
Day 9. Goal setting as a family-write these goals down and post on your fridge
Day 10. Watch old family videos.
Day 11. Plan a scavenger hunt in your home.
Day 12. Built an indoor fort with blankets & pillows.
Day 13. Dance to music videos.
Day 14. Exercise Together.
Day 15. Make a magazine collage.
Day 16. Play an old game like hang man, tic-tac-toe, make a crossword or a secret message complete with an illustrated key!
Day 17. Picture day.
Day 18. Dance together & be silly.
Day 19. Have a picnic dinner in your kitchen
Day 20. Play dress up and take pictures of your silly outfits
Day 21. Compliment night at dinner.
Day 22. Play a game of pictionary.
Day 23. Color pictures, write a nice note and mail to someone who needs some extra love.
Day 24. Snuggle up together and read books.
Day 25. Family movie night on the couch.
Day 26. Build an obstacle course and do it!
Day 27. Browse the web for valentines idea:crafts,cards or desserts
Day 28. Bake something delicious and eat it.
Day 29. Create self-portraits
Day 30. Interview each other. Record the answers.
Day 31. Hide a family time capsule that includes your interviews, self-portraits, and anything else from the monthly challenge that you want to preserve.

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