It’s simple. We are our children’s first teachers. We have to take responsibilty in raising these little humans. So much of what they learn is by watching us.

But what if you don’t have training as a teacher? What if you aren’t creative or you are not sure what is appropriate for your child’s age? This is where Pinterest is your answer. Ladies and gentlemen, everything you need to know to teach young children is all pinned to one big bulletin board.

For children ages 2-5, grab a blank calendar. Search the following key words on Pinterest. Literacy, preschool, crafts, painting with kids, abc activities, teaching numbers, cooking for kids, etc.

Now start pinning to a board designated for your at-home learning. I also write the name of the activity, craft or lesson on my calendar so I can visually see it without having to pull it up on my phone.

Now following through with some of these activities is key. Find a reasonable and realistic rhythm that works for you. If we don’t get everything done on my plan, no big deal. But I do my best to stick to our screen time limits and give my kids the opportunity to play and create at home. I know this isn’t easy for all families but I want to offer an alternative that you may not have known about (all of these ideas already created for you via Pinterest!)

I find time for about 45 minutes, 4 days a week when my youngest is napping and my oldest is in school. I found that I can prep while the kids are playing and I can be in the room cutting our shapes for our next activity. I try my best to make it work because before I know it, these children of mine will have other teachers influencing them (which is great!).

Pinterest is a wonderful place to organize all your plans. Mix up your crafts, lessons and activities with reading, writing, gross motor, fine motor, science and math themes.

We get this one chance to give the gift of knowledge to our children. Otherwise, we might be saying something like “I could have, would have, or should have down the road as we look back.

Here are two great boards to start with if you are working with preschoolers.

Homeschool Board

Literacy Board

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