I shared a crazy tip with my spin class this week. I have an alarm on my phone to remind me to take my vitamins. Every day at 6 pm. It’s so silly but I forget little things like drink water all day and take your vitamins and to simply breathe. Yes, I have a reminder to live in the moment. It goes off at 11 am. It used to say something until I was presenting to a very large group and the reminder to be present popped up on my computer which was projected on a screen for hundreds of children and staff to see! Now it is a blank reminder but when it goes off, I know exactly what to do. I take a deep breathe and think about what I am doing. It’s normally crazy town with my two littles in the morning and I often times sweat the small stuff. What did that author say? And it’s all really small stuff? So true!

So here are some quick tips on how I use my phone to truly be “Smart” for me!

  • In icalendar I set reminders for the following: vitamins, living in the moment and sanitizing the toys (every two weeks) I get an email and an alert on my phone that pops up.
  • Instagram-I use this app as a scrapbook/journal of our day-to-day. I have a personal and business account. I apologize in advance but the personal account is very personal and for close friends only (I’m not talking facebook friends but the handful of people in my day-to-day) So please don’t be mad if I ignore your request. You can catch a glimpse of our day-to-day (minus frontal pictures of my kids) on my business account @mariadismondyinc
  • The OneDay app-I use this app to make simple memory videos of my kids. I then upload them to a private Youtube account.
  • Voxer-a colleague of mine uses this and instead of calling each other, we leave long voice messages to each other in this app. I don’t really get it but she likes it and I love being in communication with her so I participate!
  • Goodbudget App-a teacher friend of mine taught me the envelope system her and her husband used to keep a budget. Now you can use this system on your phone! We are four weeks into 2015 and I am keeping a budget (amazing!!!!!)
  • Runtastic App-I like to track my mileage when I run. This GPS app is simply amazing and free. Just be careful to adjust your settings or all your friends on Facebook will see where you are running and it will post to your FB friends to cheer you on (super embarassing that I didn’t realize this for a long time!)
  • KidQ App-a fun trivia to use with the kids when you are waiting somewhere.
  • GEOcaching App-excellent fun for the adventurers out there!
  • Pinterest-this app soothes me to browse creative ideas, menus and positive quotes.
  • Facebook App-it is not on my phone. I will log into FB but I don’t want it super easily accessible to myself.
  • Podcasts-I download a number of podcasts to listen to while running and driving in the car. Currently, I am enjoying Seriel. Other than that, most of the podcasts I subscribe to are work related and discuss sales, marketing and being a female business owner. Check out Bizchix if you are an entrepreneur, Natalie has a great show!

I keep it pretty simple as far as not having a ton of apps but I sure do love these Smart Phones. I am so curious about how others use their smart phones. Please comment below or comment on my FB post about this!