Last night I lead the book study for our MOPS group. We are using a workbook provided by MOPS called Be You Bravely: An Experiment in Courage. The book is filled with short stories, all written by mothers. The piece written by Mandy Arioto called Courage to Find Significance in the Everyday was beautiful. It talked about how so many times our day is made up of routine and repetition that we don’t find ourselves productive on these ordinary days. Mandy writes:

I can’t help but feel that our quest for efficiency has stolen life from us, taken our ability to see the beauty in the mundane.

I wonder if it is time to make more room for the ordinary.

All the plain things, the things that make up the routines of a day—those comprise holy moments. Especially when we have eyes to see the story, mystery and beauty of the moment.

May you find wonder in ordinary time.

May you relish the warmth of holding hands and the joy of tasting treats.

May you be present in what you do.

May you see that each small task is worthy of your best.

May tasks that normally burden be filled with life-giving meaning.

And may you see that the work of your day is significant. “

~Mandy Arioto

Then I challenged our group of women to share stories of ordinary moments that were truly extraordinary but we may have been too busy, too tired or too distracted to realize it. And the stories I heard from the mothers at my table were priceless.

I encourage you to slow down and look at your day a little differently. Instead of seeing your day as productive only when “facebook-worthy” moments arise, look at the mundane tasks and routines and appreciate what you’ve got, right in front of you.

Be present. Be you. Take a moment to see the joy in your life today.