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I am hosting a really fun Family Challenge during the month of January. You can join the daily family challenge which consists of a 10-15 minute family activity, free and in the home, each day of the first month in the new year!

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Whole30…It Starts With Real Food

I was given the advice YEARS ago to always be working towards three goals: a personal goal, a goal for your relationship/marriage and one for your family. If you are looking for personal improvements for the new year, here’s something that might be of interest for you! The family challenge I mentioned above could start your year off strengthening the bonds with those under your roof. As far as a goal for your relationship/marriage—you’re on your own with creating that one!

I just finished reading the book, It Starts With Real Food by Melissa and Dallas Hatwig. The book is well written and explains in black and white, with scientific research to back up claims why eating unprocessed foods is the way to go. There are excellent analogies that helped me to understand it all through the medical knowledge that is hard for me to retain.

I don’t want to sound preachy so I will be brief. I have done the Whole30 twice along with a 14 day Clean Eating Challenge. I have seen, first hand, the many benefits there are in feeding myself and my family REAL foods. The Whole30 lasts 30 days and challenges you to eliminate certain allergens from your diet. You get to see how your body reacts without these allergens. I have increased energy, I am satisfied with three meals a day instead of three meals plus several snacks. I also noticed I didn’t have allergies this fall or the eczema I normally experience. I also lost the baby weight much, MUCH sooner than I did with my first two pregnancies. After the 30 days (the challenge is 30 days to help you break bad food habits and addictions and to give your body a chance to heal) I have continued to eat REAL foods 90% of the time. It’s not a diet. You are not counting calories. You are simply eating foods with very few ingredients, foods that are not processed and nourish your body.

So—-the point of me sharing this with you is for you to check it out in the New Year if you are looking to improve your health! Everything you need to know about how to take on the Whole30 challenge can be found here. And it’s FREE! I recommend spending the $14 to receive the daily emails. They helped educate me on why certain foods were eliminated and more. I did the challenge with friends for support and there are loads of people on instagram that post recipes and inspiration, just look through the hashtag #whole30.

If you decide to take on the Whole30 challenge, let me know so I can CHEER YOU ON!

My friend Jody works as a coach for BeachBody and has had a ton of success from their fitness videos/programs. She motivates and inspires people on Facebook. Like her page and contact her for more details on programs like P90x! Often times she puts out clean eating challenges too!