Here is my final post in the three-week “gift” series.

Gifts for the person that is SO HARD to buy for…

1. The Gift of NOTHING-for real. Check this out.

2. Choose something from the World Vision Gift Catalog. We just heard a speaker at MOPS this week talk about the TRUE meaning of Christmas. The gift of giving. She mentioned this catalog and the VERY NEXT DAY it was delivered in my mailbox. A sign?

In this catalog, you can donate toward school supplies, clothing, and food for children around the world or here in America. You can purchase solar-powered lanterns to villages, sponsor a child for Christmas, bicycles for girls (did you know that in many countries, girls drop out of school because they are afraid of being assaulted on the long walk to and from school?), life saving medicines, and much more!

3. Gifts made with love-How about a homemade gift for that hard to buy for person? They are all over Pinterest!

4. A letter-put down your heartfelt feelings in a handwritten letter and give that as a gift to someone you love. Our speaker on Monday night said she’s heard of a grandparent writing her grandchildren a letter every year that goes in their stockings. As they got older, she bought them all wooden boxes to store these special letters.

5. And then….there’s always gift cards!